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  Cover Your Car - Tailored and Fitted Car Covers Worldwide :: Datsun Fitted ::  DATSUN 'MONSOON' Tailored Waterproof Car Cover for outdoor use. (All Datsuns)

     DATSUN 'MONSOON' Tailored Waterproof Car Cover for outdoor use. (All Datsuns) #17443
 DATSUN 'MONSOON' Tailored Waterproof Car Cover for outdoor use. (All Datsuns)  For the ultimate in all weather protection, this Monsoon Outdoor Car Cover has been designed to fit the various models of Datsuns. Monsoon covers are extremely sturdy and are often used for vehicles that are stored outdoors or in barns on a long term basis or for vehicles that are only driven at the weekends...

We have worked hard to ensure that our unique designs result in production of the highest quality totally waterproof car covers that are available today. These covers utilise modern high-tech materials that combine a tough waterproof outer skin with a soft non-woven lining that will give maximum protection to your carís paint. Double stitching and heat sealed seams complete the waterproofing and ensure unrivalled strength.

Monsoon covers are produced with care to ensure long life and protection for your car. The waterproof material is designed for external use, is ultraviolet resistant, protects from rain, snow, sunlight, dust, dirt, tree sap, birds etc., and annoying little scratches. It also helps to keep the interior cool. Roof vents are fitted to assist dispersal of damp and condensation.

Sturdy underbody securing straps are provided, so however stormy the weather, you know that your car is secure and protected from the elements. We also provide special silicone covers that can be fitted over the underbody strap connectors to prevent scratching of paintwork.

-Tough outer skin and soft non-woven lining ensure total protection.
-Double stitched heated seams for strength & long life
-Underbody securing straps with soft silicone fastener covers
-Elasticated front and rear hems for snug fit
-Ultraviolet resistant fabric to prevent paint fade
-Roof vents allow moisture and damp to escape
-Separate zipped storage bag

Price: £129.00 (Price in Euros 155.73)
including VAT 20%

Year ( Optional )
Security Locking Kit

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