Designed & Made in Britain

Bespoke Outdoor Car Covers
Advan-tex Luxury Bespoke Outdoor Car Covers. Individually made to your
choice of 4 colours

Please be aware, these are not off the shelf items, they are made to order in the colour of your choice with your choice of options.

On some older cars with single wing mirror(s) we may require measurements to its location but will ask before we commence with the order.

Due to high demand for our products, our standard production time on Advan-Tex Bespoke covers is 4 weeks but we also offer a Priority Production Service where we will guarantee your cover will be made in 2 weeks.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Bespoke Outdoor Advan-Tex Cover
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Advan-Tex Cover in Black
with Parking Permit / Numberplate Windows inserted
at time of manufacture for a quality solution.
Dimpled Outer Helps Moisture Evapourate
Outer Surface - Designed to be Breathable
Custom Smart Car Cover
Inner Brushed Surface - Designed to be
Scratchproof and Gentle on Paintwork.

Car Cover Alarm

Protect Your Investment - Integrated Car Cover Alarm

Car Cover Colours Available
Order ONLINE or via Phone
01744 633985 (uk)

All Major Debit, Credit Cards Taken and Paypal

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Soft, Fleecy, Stretchy Optional Car Cover Alarm Choice of 4 Colours Tax Disc / Parking Permit Window
Specific pockets for hood emblems, one or both mirrors.
Protect Your Investment with
an Integrated Cover Alarm
Choice of Colours &
4 x Underbody Straps.

Optional Parking Permit or
Numberplate Windows

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Looking for quality fitted outdoor cover in a particular colour or with a window for your parking permit or front and rear numberplates? Our ADVAN-TEX material for Outdoor Use offers the ultimate protection and is waterproof yet totally breathable.

This is a unique fabric that has been designed to protect vehicles whilest outdoors. For complete all weather durability the cover is lap-seamed to ensure that it remains watertight and breathable. The cover will keep your car free from the natural damage caused by acid rain, bird droppings, dampness and direct UV light. Individually hand tailored, 4 x Quick release under body webbing straps with buckle fastenings for added security,

Storage bag included. Ideal for everyday use or longer term outdoor storage.

Parking Permit Window Option available should you require it.

Front & Rear Numberplate Windows Option should you require them.

Integrated Car Cover Alarm should you require it.

We currently have a choice of 4 colours: ( combinations available on request )
Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Silver Grey and Black.

Aston Martin DB9 Custom Outdoor Advan-tex Car Cover
Aston Martin DB9 Black Advan-Tex Cover on Customer's Car in Belgium.

- Individually hand made here in the UK to order in your choice of colour.
- The thickest of all materials we use, even thicker than Stormforce.
- Tough, Waterproof, Breathable Outer.
- Brushed non woven, non scratch inner.
- 4 x quick release, integrated, underbody straps for security.
- Storage bag included in matching cover colour.
- Parking Permit window option integrated at time of manufacture,.
- Choice of 4 colours. Black, Dark Blue, British Racing Green and Silver Grey.
- 2 Year Warranty if used within the UK, othewise void..
- Elasticated front and rear hems.
- Optional Numberplate windows front and back integrated at time of manufacture.

- Optional Car Cover Alarm.

- Bespoke, individually hand made to order here in the uk - 4 Week Standard Production
- Optional Priority Production Upgrade available. - Guaranteed 2 Week Production.

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Ausi R8 Spyder Advan-Tex Bespoke Cover
Audi R8 Spyder Grey Advan-tex Cover

Nissan Skyline GT-R Black Advan-tex Cover