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  Cover Your Car - Tailored and Fitted Car Covers Worldwide :: Ferrari Custom :: Ferrari GUANTO Luxury Stretch Indoor / Outdoor Bespoke Cover - Soft, Stretch, Fully Fitted

    Ferrari GUANTO Luxury Stretch Indoor / Outdoor Bespoke Cover - Soft, Stretch, Fully Fitted #17962
Ferrari GUANTO Luxury Stretch Indoor / Outdoor Bespoke Cover - Soft, Stretch, Fully Fitted  Our new GUANTO ( Italian For Glove ) bespoke Ferrari car cover for Indoor and short term Outdoor use is a huge step forwards in terms of car cover fabric offering the same form fit, curve hugging shape as an indoor cover but outdoor use.

The fabric is stretch and both breathable yet waterproof thanks to its hi-tech inner membrane with millions of micropores, small enough for vapour to pass through yet too small for a water droplet. Its form hugging properties means that there is little or no cover movement on the car itself.

Each cover is custom made to order and is available in either black or grey currently and we can also print onto this material should you require it for a small extra charge.

Each triple layer cover has an inner, micro-pore membrane and can be used either indoors or outdoors as the cover if fully breathable. The fabric is treated with UV inhibitors to help repel harmful UV rays, preserving the performance and quality of the cover but like anything that is left exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, eventually some discolouration will inevitably occur. During extended sunny spells we advise that the cover is removed until needed. Any fading of colour will not affect the covers performance.

4 x sturdy underbody straps ensure the cover is not effected, even by the strongest gales.

Elasticated with a Front AND Rear pull and fixing strap means these covers are like nothing else on the market today.

To read more about this amazing new fabric visit our Guanto Information Page

Price: £450.00 (Price in Euros 499.50)
including VAT 20%

Version of Ferrari
Car Cover Alarm Pocket and Alarm
Graphic on Bonnet
Priority Production

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