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  Cover Your Car - Tailored and Fitted Car Covers Worldwide :: FAQs

Question : I am unsure which cover I need. Can I talk to someone about my requirements?
Answer : Yes, our knowledgeable staff are here to help you with any questions you may have. You can simply call us in the uk on 01744 633985 or if its out of hours you will find our ONLINE LIVE HELP facility manned late into the evening 365 days a year by our own UK technical staff until 5pm. We can take your order over the phone if you prefer to do so.

Question : How do I Fit The Security Locking Kit? : The cable fits underneith the car through the centre eyelets that are stitched onto the bottom hemline of the car cover at each side. Thread the chrome plated end through the eyelet from the outside surface of the car cover and pass it through the looped end of the cable. Pull the cable through and pass it under the car and through the inside of the eyelet on the other side of the car. Fit the non scratch silicone sleeve /jacket over the body of the padlock and then snap the lock closed through the chrome plated cable end of the cable.

Question : How soon will I get my cover after ordering and how much is delivery?
Answer : We have over 5000+ covers in stock so delivery is normally within a few days via Fedex Courier delivery is currently 5 on UK Orders, anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland and the Highlands, 20 throughout Europe. Please refer to our Shipping Page for specific country prices on Shipping. No other online seller can offer a custom fit cover on these time terms. Softech covers are individually made to your choice of colour and piping etc so these take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to make. Once made they are dispatched using priority courier

Question : Do I need to buy a cover made specifically to fit my car?
Answer : Yes, avoid "best fit" or your car falls into this category cover as it could damage your paint long term especially if an Outdoor Cover as it will move and ruffle in the wind. The more "general" the fit the more it will move. Small, Medium or Large size covers may initially sound like a "good deal", they are not and you'll regret it over time when your paintwork suffers. Dont say we didnt warn you....If its cheap, its cheap for a reason.

Question : What colours are the covers and can I have a logo?
Answer : Sahara indoor covers are Blue, Voyager covers are a Dull Silver, Monsoon and Stormforce covers are Dark Grey, the idea being they are inconspicuous and dont draw attention to the car underneith. Softech handmade indoor covers come in a choice of 11 colours and 4 piping combinations. The sky's the limit.

Question : Im confused, which cover do I need...Softech, Sahara, Voyager, Monsoon or the new Stormforce?
Answer : Be sure to check out our cover guides. Basically our SOFTECH Luxury indoor covers are individually handmade to the customers individual requirements. Soft,fleecy and stretchy they fit like a glove and come in a choice of 11 colour combinations. Softech covers take upto 4 weeks to produce, unless FastTracked Option is chosen. The SAHARA is a pure indoor cover, a fitted non woven cover at an amazing price. The VOYAGER is a frequent use, breathable indoor/outdoor cover. Choose this one if your car is stored in a damp, draughty garage, barn or other external building or left outdoors occasionally. The MONSOON is a pure 100% waterproof cover designed for cars left outside all the time. We also have a UNIQUE range of covers called the STORMFORCE which are a 4 layer fully breathable, yet totally waterPROOF outdoor cover, which can also be used indoors.

Question : Is the Monsoon Pure Outdoor Cover Breathable?
Answer : The Monsoon waterproof cover has roof line vents for Breathability. Our Voyager, Sahara and Stormforce covers are fully breathable material.

Question : Are the Monsoon and Stormforce covers fully waterproof?
Answer : Yes, totally waterproof, stops even the smallest amounts of rain getting in. All seams are also heat treated to keep out water and moisture. Both covers allow moisture to escape yet prevent water from getting in. Our Monsoon covers are fully vented and our new Stormforce material is totally waterproof and totally breathable!

Question : Do the Monsoon and Stormforce covers have a soft internal lining?
Answer : Yes, there is a soft inner lining that is guaranteed not to scratch when ruffled by wind.

Question : How is the cover attached to the car?
Answer : Both front and rear of the cover are elasticated and there are two straps with buckles by the wheels to secure it underneith. These buckles have non scratch silocone outer membraines as standard. We also have a cover locking kit available which acts as a deterant to woodbe theives. It consists of a padlock and coated cable which passes through eyeletts in the cover at the bottom.

Question : What kind of guarantee do I get?
Answer : There is a 2 year manufacturers guarantee on our Stormforce, Softech or Advan-tex Covers and a 1 year manufacturers guarantee with Guanto, Cielo, Monsoon, Voyager and Sahara Covers as standard. Our guarantee covers day to day usage of the cover and our covers have been specifically designed to withstand high winds and both bad and good weather, but we ask our customers to use common sense when gale force winds are due. If the wind is strong enough to blow over a tree, truck, etc then chances are its going to damage your cover.

Question : Can the cover be put on a wet car?
Answer : Ideally the car should be dry and clean but you can put either a Voyager or Stormforce onto a wet car. Always better to let the car dry naturally first. Always make sure the car is clean before applying the cover as any road dirt trapped between the car and the cover could be abrasive to the paintwork. If you only use the car on dry weekends, then its worth investing in one of our Dust / Dirt Particle Removing Wands. The idea being you dont need to wash the car before putting the cover on if its not dirty, just dusty from the drive.

Question : If a cover for my car is not shown on your website what shall I do?
Answer : Firstly contact us as we may have the cover even though its not yet online. Our Covers are a custom fit for each make of car so all we need is the make, model and sometimes the year and we'll know the cover you need so you dont have to guess the size or go measuring your car then try and fit into into a certain A, B or C size.

Question : Does the cover have a storage bag?
Answer : Yes, each cover comes with its own boot storage bag as standard. Its a "propper" bag with handles, lined on the inside so even if the cover is wet or damp it wont seep through the bag.

Question : I live outside the UK, can I still order a cover?
Answer : Yes, Our shopping cart displays the price in UK pounds and Euros and we offer a worldwide delivery service. We have a distribution centre in the USA also so delivery is FAST & FURIOUS no matter where you are on the planet.

Question : How can I pay?
Answer : Our online store accepts secure payments via SECpay ( Visa,Mastercard,Maestro,Amex etc ) or PAYPAL or over the phone if you'd rather speak to a real person. You can even pay by cheque via our shopping cart.

Question : Will the delivery of the cover need to be signed for?
Answer : Yes, you will need to sign for the item. If you are not able to, the courier / postal service will leave you a FAILED DELIVERY CARD. You MUST contact them to arrange an alternative collection otherwise they may eventually return the product to us. Should this happen we will have to charge you again for a re-delivery. This is why customers often have their covers sent to their work address. This is no problem for us as you can specify a billing and delivery address at the checkout.

Question : My car has a radio antenna, how will the cover fit?
Answer : 99% of stubbie radio antennas unscrew at the base. Simply unscrew before fitting the cover. If the base has any sharp edges, cover with it with something soft before covering the car.

Note : We believe in using the latest technology available to provide the best and safest online shopping experience in the industry. We feel there is no excuse not to. With a huge investment in our state-of-the-art website and internal systems, plus our own in-house developers, you can be sure that the personal information you enter on our website is transmitted securely and safely and welcome and comments customers online shopping experience.


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